On Thursday, September 11th, 8-9:30am, come and join us at the MSU Management Education Center, located at 811 W. Square Lake Rd. {east of Crooks rd.} for another Troy Chamber Women’s Business Forum. “WOMEN OF INFLUENCE”

Meet four of the area’s top female business leaders for breakfast and a panel discussion. Learn about the challenges they faced on their paths to success.


To attend, please respond by September 5th. Tickets available right up to the date of the Forum. 

**$18 Troy Chamber members   /   **$28 Non-members

RSVP to: 248 641-8151  or  theteam@troychamber.com

Media sponsors include:  dbusiness Corp



Jo would like to personally invite you to come and learn & enjoy at the same time. If you need some ideas or thoughts on where to begin with starting your own business, this is your opportunity ask questions and hear from other women who have gone through the many challenges it takes to get your own business going and growing.



It has been a long and hard year for 2013. But here at JO’S ORGANIZING, it has been worth the effort. We are not just a team here, but a working family. We meet each and every Monday, of every week, to go over any possible problems and discuss the quality of our work. We discuss what our Customers need and want from us. This keeps all staff members alerted to all of our customers.

We are very proud to have been awarded the HBA “Sub-Contractor” of the Year this year. It just shows how quality team work and a staff that works together can perform such consistent and excellent work.


As like every year here at JO’S ORGANIZING, the entire staff got together for our annual Holiday, Christmas/Hanukkah Dinner, at our favorite Italian restaurant. Excellent service, wonderful food made for an outstanding meal.










Following the meal, we all headed to the Detroit Opera House to see the Play…..”ELF”. Similar to the movie of the same name, starring Will Ferrell. Once again we had a superb time for the evening, with a great meal and some wonderful entertainment.

We all spent just a little bit of time together, talking about the exciting year to come, in 2014. The expansion of our Organizing division, and the enlargement of the various Organizing supplies and shelving we will be carrying. These expansions should fill in the gaps here and round out our services of both Cleaning & Organizing, as well as moving and set-up, Elderly Down-sizing, and large “Purge Clean” style projects.


From everyone here at JO’S CLEANING & ORGANIZING, we would like to wish all, a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and the very Best of the upcoming NEW YEAR!

HBA Awards/Banquet


After being honored last year by the Michigan Home Builders Association, with the “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR”, JO’s Organizing is so very proud to receive the “SUB-CONTRACTOR of the YEAR” award, for this year.

Without all the hard work from the Staff and all employees, this would not have been possible. We have created quite the team here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing.

JO passes on, last years "ASSOCIATE of the YEAR" award. Known inside as the HBA Stanley Cup. :-)

JO passes on, last years “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR” award. Known inside as the HBA Stanley Cup. 🙂

We have worked so very hard at servicing S.E. Michigan residents, for over 28 years now, and take great pride in what we do. To be honored like this, 2 years in a row, by the Organization we respect the utmost, is something that makes all the hard work, so very rewarding.

Senior Matters

Jo and Rose had a recent Interview in Bloomfield Township on “Senior Matters”. A Cable program dealing with everything for the retiree and senior citizen.

Whether it is downsizing their living arrangements, reorganizing a lifestyle or taking advantage of the various discounts available for our Seniors, the Program has interviews with local experts on many different Senior subjects.

JO’s Organizing would like to Thank host, Greg Jamian for inviting us on his Program to discuss important Senior Matters. Check out Greg’s Videos Page in Bloomfield Township here:  SENIOR MATTERS




Special Estate Sale

Every now and then, through one of our Organizings or Master Cleanings we come across the need to empty a Home of all it’s contents. On Thursday, June 6th, we will be doing just that, in Troy, Michigan.

Come and join us for a single day, Estate Sale. Everything Must Go. For more details or an actual appointment time on June 6th, please contact Jo at:  810 241-1622. Or drop her an email at:  jo@josorganizing.com


Don’t Forget Space for those Shoes

Many times while organizing or re-organizing a closet, a large aspect of that closet can get overlooked until it is to late, and there is not enough room left for those SHOES. This is not just a women thing either. My husband is an avid Outdoorsman and has a huge selection of Boots, Hiking shoes and outdoor specialty footwear.

Looking at the best and most space efficient ways to store all these shoes and boots are just as important as making plenty of room for lets say, “Long-hang” garments. So where to begin?


Just a Shoe closet. The Ultimate way to go

We always start out an organizing of a closet with a complete Clean-out of that closet. We like to remove everything in the closet, clean the closet area, sort through what we have that will be returning to the closet, and then begin our designs of how we will return everything to that space in an efficient way, so that it is stored properly, using the least amount of space but still have access to everything there, easily.

For Shoes and Boots there are many options to choose from depending on the design of the closet as a whole. Angled shelving in one way to store them shoes and still see very clearly what is at hand and available.

ShoeBoxStackClear storage boxes is another means at storing those shoes effectively, taking minimal space, keeping the shoes protected from dust and still having easy access to every pair of shoes stored in that closet. These clear storage boxes are replacements for the original shoe boxes the footwear came in. Those original boxes stop us from ever seeing the shoes inside without opening up each box to see. These clear boxes stack very nicely on any shelf or floor.

On an average, women have approximately 30 pairs of shoes and boots to store. Men have normally only 8 pairs. But again, in y particular case, my husband has 14 pairs of outdoor and dress footwear.







The main point here is that Shoes and Boots are usually something most people forget about when organizing their closets. With some 50 pairs of footwear between a couple, this can add up to alot of space needed. If you forget about the Shoes this needed space suddenly turns your well organized closet into a mess.

As always, good advance planning is key. That is why we like to pull everything out of a closet, set up a design for restoring everything and then return it all to that space. Even if you have a Shoe fetish, as I do. 🙂 A well planned out closet can accommodate those 50 pairs of shoes and boots and still allow room for the actual cloths you intended the closet to hold. 🙂

HBA Awards & Leadership Recognition


We are very proud here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, to have received the “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR” award for 2012, from HBA and the Builders Association of Michigan. It is very full-filling to be recognized by your peers for the hard work and effort you make in contributing to both the Michigan Builders Association members and the overall economy of our wonderful state.



This years Awards Banquet and gathering had a special guest in the Governor of the state of Michigan, Mr. Rick Snyder. Governor Snyder gave out the Awards this year at the annual Banquet. It was exciting to be a part of the people who where all recognized for their contributions to the Building Industry in Michigan.



Entrance Booth for Exhibitors

The afternoons Event started out with many of the Builders Industry members who had gathered with displays and Information about their businesses and the future of the Building Trades in Michigan. There were over 30 Exhibitors in attendance at the hall.



Builders Association Board of Directors

Builders Association Board of Directors

Afterwards, everyone moved over to the Banquet room for a lovely Lunch and guest speakers, which included the Governor. The day closed with Mr. Snyder handing out this years Awards, after receiving a special award himself, from the Building Industry, for his help in promoting and improving the Building Trades in our state. His contributions assisted greatly in helping to promote new construction and the Remodeling industry through out the state.



Like the old saying goes, there are no small problems, just small solutions. Well…..that is not really how that old saying goes, but it does apply here. Many people will look at what they feel is a small space and then say that it is to small to do anything useful with it. Untrue. We have our own saying here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing:  “Move that new Space into that old Space”. What we mean by that statement is for you to look at the space you want to reorganize in a completely new light. The best way to get the most function out of any size space is to clean it out completely. Start with a clean slate, and then move that new space into that old space.

Clearing out a space completely, allows you to create something completely new. You are no longer strapped to a certain way of looking at organizing and storing items in that space, just because of a certain shelf in the center of that closet, or a storage dresser in that corner. Instead, work with the space you have. Create the most use from the space you have with creative ideas and functional equipment and shelving.

We have experienced a minimum of at least 40% additional space added to an existing closet or storage area by just using this thought and design process. That’s right……at least 40% more space from that existing space just by starting from scratch, creatively designing and organizing that space, and then using quality and functional organizing equipment and shelving. The investment in time, materials and manpower will well be worth it. How quickly will a few extra dollars spent on these items, pay themselves back after you gain an entire new room. You gain that room by moving clutter from one space, into that additional 40% space you gained in that new closet space.

None of this is just a sales pitch or dreams. We here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing have seen this exact scenario take place, over and over again, for more then 25 years now. And it works every single time. It is something we have fine tuned and worked in cooperation with many different Organizers, as well as our own in house staff, to produce these results. We have researched and experimented with many different organizing products and shelving equipment, to get it down to what truly works and will last the rigors of heavy storage and time.

So do not look at what you may think to be a small storage space or closet and say…..”I cannot do anything with that”. Step back, clear out that old space and start a new space. Your next Home office desk maybe half inside your closet. Your next closet expansion project may not include any new construction what so ever. Just great organizing and design and quality organizing equipment and shelving. And that’s a FACT!

2013 – A GOOD Year Coming

Here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, we have tried very hard to work together as a Team, inside our Company. We meet each week as a Team and make sure all our Customers are being serviced at our highest capabilities.

This also means that we are part of the Community as well. JO’s Organizing belongs to many different Chamber of Commerces, NETWORKING groups, and various Industry Organizations, so that we can remain connected to the latest trends, Rules and Practices.

We will continue to be a Team and part of the local Community, going into 2013. Serving Southeastern Michigan at the best of our abilities will continue to be our goal.


Company Christmas Gathering

Every year we get together as a team and good friends to celebrate the Holidays. That is the way it has been here for countless years. We go out to a very nice Dinner….this year at Margianos. And afterwards we head to a Show. This year we seen the “Jersey Boys” on stage, downtown.

This is something we all enjoy! Taking a little time from a busy year and just sitting back for an excellent meal and entertainment. Our Team actually enjoys one anothers company. 🙂 This is the way it is here at JO’s Cleaning and Organizing. We have worked hard to make sure it is and remains this way. A Team, A Family.