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Like the old saying goes, there are no small problems, just small solutions. Well…..that is not really how that old saying goes, but it does apply here. Many people will look at what they feel is a small space and then say that it is to small to do anything useful with it. Untrue. We have our own saying here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing:  “Move that new Space into that old Space”. What we mean by that statement is for you to look at the space you want to reorganize in a completely new light. The best way to get the most function out of any size space is to clean it out completely. Start with a clean slate, and then move that new space into that old space.

Clearing out a space completely, allows you to create something completely new. You are no longer strapped to a certain way of looking at organizing and storing items in that space, just because of a certain shelf in the center of that closet, or a storage dresser in that corner. Instead, work with the space you have. Create the most use from the space you have with creative ideas and functional equipment and shelving.

We have experienced a minimum of at least 40% additional space added to an existing closet or storage area by just using this thought and design process. That’s right……at least 40% more space from that existing space just by starting from scratch, creatively designing and organizing that space, and then using quality and functional organizing equipment and shelving. The investment in time, materials and manpower will well be worth it. How quickly will a few extra dollars spent on these items, pay themselves back after you gain an entire new room. You gain that room by moving clutter from one space, into that additional 40% space you gained in that new closet space.

None of this is just a sales pitch or dreams. We here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing have seen this exact scenario take place, over and over again, for more then 25 years now. And it works every single time. It is something we have fine tuned and worked in cooperation with many different Organizers, as well as our own in house staff, to produce these results. We have researched and experimented with many different organizing products and shelving equipment, to get it down to what truly works and will last the rigors of heavy storage and time.

So do not look at what you may think to be a small storage space or closet and say…..”I cannot do anything with that”. Step back, clear out that old space and start a new space. Your next Home office desk maybe half inside your closet. Your next closet expansion project may not include any new construction what so ever. Just great organizing and design and quality organizing equipment and shelving. And that’s a FACT!


Lin Klaassen was this month winner in our FREE stuff, Facebook FAN PAGE drawing. Lin won one of our Tote Organizing bags. The bag is lined to keep cold thing cold and hot things hot. Perfect for shopping or bringing things home from that family gathering or business Networking Event.

CONGRADS Lin for being our first winner. You too are elegable for each months drawing just by signing up for our FAN PAGE on Facebook. It costs you nothing. Click on the link here on this Blog and sign up.

Also take a look at Lin’s web site at:  http://www.facereadingbylin.com

This Months FAN Page Drawing

This week we will be doing our first Free drawing for all the people who have signed up at our Facebook FAN Page. Each month we will be giving away Free stuff and gift certificates. It’s not to late to get in on this months drawing. So head over to the FAN page and just sign in. The link for the FAN page is below.


HOMEPRENEUERS the Home office-Business

The month of March will mark the return of our “Tip of the Month” series. This month we will be focused on the Home office space. This is a huge growing area in the world. Because of the many economical changes we have seen Internationally, the focus on operating overhead and a more hands-on approach for the small business owner is gaining a large following.

Take a good look at the report and statistics in the PDF download provided here. You will be truly amazed at what is going on in the small and medium size business world. It is the small business that makes most of the economy run here in the USA and the world. Having a Home office not only keeps the small business owner closely connected to his or her growing business, but allows for many more options that the separate office building did not provide. You will be impressed at some of the statistics in this report. I hope this will be helpful to all my fellow small & medium size business owners. It sure impressed me.                        Jo Golda

Get all 9 pages of this intriguing report: http://www.josorganizing.com/PDFfiles/Homepreneurs.pdf