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Special Estate Sale

Every now and then, through one of our Organizings or Master Cleanings we come across the need to empty a Home of all it’s contents. On Thursday, June 6th, we will be doing just that, in Troy, Michigan.

Come and join us for a single day, Estate Sale. Everything Must Go. For more details or an actual appointment time on June 6th, please contact Jo at:  810 241-1622. Or drop her an email at:  jo@josorganizing.com


Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah

It is that time again. It all seems to be a big Blur, but after the rushing, the waiting the hectic manuevering, there is that family time. The time when all the pains of the season pay off in wonderful family moments.

It does not matter if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah,or whatever. Take some quality time and spend it with your family, friends and Loved ones. Life is so very short and we never know when that time will be up.

So forget about what is troubling you. Forget about what might be going on in the world, and just turn it all off, hug your best friends and be Happy you have them. A very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and the best of New years to you all.


Jo’s ORG. Chrismas Party

An annual tradition here at Jo’s Organizing is the official employee Christmas dinner and show. Everyone gets together for a fine dinner and that is followed by a concert this year, at the Fox theatre. Which included backstage passes with the conductor. Always great fun and a good time for everyone.

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We are very proud to have been a part of the Building Industry Association, and the Jewish Family Services in participating in the PROJECT BUILD program.

Project Build assists people in need, or who are Handi-capped in some way, and cannot adjust their homes to the new problems they face. By joining forces with people helpers and various building trades, people get to stay in their homes, even after an experience that requires their homes to be modified to accommodate their Handi-caps.

Read the FreePress News on PROJECT BUILD.  NEWS ARTICLE


One of the fastest growing trends in business is the Home Office. Many business owners are switching from a leased commercial office space, to their own homes. It can be very efficient, cost savings and a big cut to the business overhead.

The Home Office can be an excellent switch for many business owners. BUT…..not set-up properly, or organized to meet your needs and the differences from a commercial office and now your home office, it can also become a nightmare.

We have put together a TIPS sheet to assist you in making this transition to an effective Home office space. Check out the PDF sheets here:  HOME OFFICE

Horizontal & Vertical Organizing

Everyone reacts and deals with organizing their home and office spaces differently. There is not just one way to keep thing organized. Each of us deal with fin ding things and storing thing away, in different ways.

Some people see things more in a vertical manner. They find it easier to look up, to find what they need. Others scan across an area to find things. No matter what way your brain organizes things, there a few things to keep in mind when organizing your home office or work space.


We just finished another reach-in style, home closet. This is probably the most common kind of closet found in most of our homes. The following short Video shows just how quickly a complete redo of this style closet can go. And…..how east it is to gain 40% more storage space from that closet.

Christmas Dinner

Here is the staff from JO’s ORGANIZING, having a great Italian dinner together for Christmas.

New Years 1st FREE Drawing

Our first drawing of 2011 for more FREE stuff goes to Linda Kajma. Congratulations Linda!. Linda gets one of our desk organizing set-ups.

Take a look at Linda’s web site with ARBONNE at: http://www.agelessnow.myarbonne.com/



All you have to do to be eligible for our monthly FREE drawings is be a FAN of JO’s Organizing on our Facebook FAN page. That’s it.

Before you finish Cleaning Up

The Holidays are done, there are many displaced things through out the house and/or home Office. You stand and look at all of this in dread. But it does not have to be that way. This is a GREAT opportunity to start off the New Year in a more organized and productive way.

Step back for a moment and take some hard looks at what needs to be returned to their storage areas or put away until next year, or what has been disturbed by all the frantic holiday activities. Then…..before you just return things to where they were or find new places to hide things, maybe it would be better to pull more of the stuff out and start a new way.

Examine closely how you have been using your storage spaces and possible home office. It could very well be more advantageous to remove more items, reorganized, set up better storage and then put it all away. Turn what may look like a mess of un-organization, into a new way for the New Year. This is a great opportunity to do just that.