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HBA Awards/Banquet


After being honored last year by the Michigan Home Builders Association, with the “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR”, JO’s Organizing is so very proud to receive the “SUB-CONTRACTOR of the YEAR” award, for this year.

Without all the hard work from the Staff and all employees, this would not have been possible. We have created quite the team here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing.

JO passes on, last years "ASSOCIATE of the YEAR" award. Known inside as the HBA Stanley Cup. :-)

JO passes on, last years “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR” award. Known inside as the HBA Stanley Cup. 🙂

We have worked so very hard at servicing S.E. Michigan residents, for over 28 years now, and take great pride in what we do. To be honored like this, 2 years in a row, by the Organization we respect the utmost, is something that makes all the hard work, so very rewarding.

HBA Awards & Leadership Recognition


We are very proud here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, to have received the “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR” award for 2012, from HBA and the Builders Association of Michigan. It is very full-filling to be recognized by your peers for the hard work and effort you make in contributing to both the Michigan Builders Association members and the overall economy of our wonderful state.



This years Awards Banquet and gathering had a special guest in the Governor of the state of Michigan, Mr. Rick Snyder. Governor Snyder gave out the Awards this year at the annual Banquet. It was exciting to be a part of the people who where all recognized for their contributions to the Building Industry in Michigan.



Entrance Booth for Exhibitors

The afternoons Event started out with many of the Builders Industry members who had gathered with displays and Information about their businesses and the future of the Building Trades in Michigan. There were over 30 Exhibitors in attendance at the hall.



Builders Association Board of Directors

Builders Association Board of Directors

Afterwards, everyone moved over to the Banquet room for a lovely Lunch and guest speakers, which included the Governor. The day closed with Mr. Snyder handing out this years Awards, after receiving a special award himself, from the Building Industry, for his help in promoting and improving the Building Trades in our state. His contributions assisted greatly in helping to promote new construction and the Remodeling industry through out the state.



We are very proud to have been a part of the Building Industry Association, and the Jewish Family Services in participating in the PROJECT BUILD program.

Project Build assists people in need, or who are Handi-capped in some way, and cannot adjust their homes to the new problems they face. By joining forces with people helpers and various building trades, people get to stay in their homes, even after an experience that requires their homes to be modified to accommodate their Handi-caps.

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