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Business Trends for 2012

Take a look at this article on the Top 5 Small business trends for 2012. All on-line. Between Social media, on-line Videos, Tablets & I-Pads, the small business owner has alot of new materials to use in getting in touch with the market place and staying on a personal level with our customers.




It may not seem like the best time to be re-organizing things in the home. But……with much of the summer cloths going back into storage, the winter cloths coming out, the Holiday stuff being shifted around and what seems like chaos….it is the perfect time.

With so much of what we store and bring out on certain occasions or seasons, there is no better time to organize those areas we store these things in. 40% more space in each of these storage areas would do what for you? Ask yourself if even during this chaotic period, if adding 40% more space to your storage areas would not change the whole picture. Adding marked storage bins onto new storage shelving could add even more additional space for you needs.

There is really no better time then when all the “Stuff” is coming out, or going back into storage, then to properly organize it and store it correctly. Take advantage of what seems like chaos, and turn it into your organized dream. And add at least 40% more space to that closet, storage area or basement. Let’s see…..what will I do with more space? 🙂


We made the top five most popular interviews with “ASK NATALIE FIRST”. We did this interview some time ago, and didn’t realize that it ran so well. We are very happy at the results we have received from Natalie’s interview. You can check out her web site and the interview at:   ASK NATALIE FIRST

BIA Awards Luncheon

40% More Space!

Many people ask us here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, if it is really possible to gain 40% more space from an existing closet or storage area? We are always quick to respond by saying, “Yes it is possible, and maybe more”. Depending on the closet or storage area, the proper designed layout and the products used to reorganize that closet, doubling the amount of storage space is possible.

One of the best examples of almost doubling the amount of storage space in an existing closet, is with the basic “Reach-in” closets that are the norm in most of our homes. These small bedroom closets end up being where we try and cram as much cloths and stuff  as possible. Almost doubling the storage size of these closets is a great first step in acquiring more space in our entire homes, while still having access to our stored cloths and stuff.

Here is a recent “Reach-in” bedroom closet that we have redone. This extra bedroom was being converted to a home office/work area. The closet is now being used for office and work material storage, that needs to be accessed easily, on a regular basis. By using the right shelving and storage containers, we where able to increase the amount of storage space by over 40%, while still keeping everything viewable and accessible.

Now imagine this being done to every closet in your home and just see how much extra storage space you will acquire and just how much additional space you will get through out your entire home, by getting more items stored properly away in your new storage areas. We have seen this work over and over again. We have watched many people get more literal living space in their homes, by properly storing their cloths and materials into accessible storage areas and closets. This REALLY WORK!



Santas in Town

Santa stopped by the Bloomfield Hills Mercedes-Benz dealership to say HI to his many friend there. Looking a little worn from last year, his friends called JO’s Cleaning & Organizing. Rose came out and tended to Santa, giving him a good cleaning and grooming. So pleased with his new look, Santa decided to stay awhile. Stop in and say HI at the Mercedes-Benz dealership at 36600 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Last Months Free stuff winners

Last month on our monthly drawing for FREE stuff, PRLANTA Jewelers won a gift certificate for FREE Cleaning and Organizing. All they had to do was be a FAN of JO’s Cleaning & Organizing FAN page on Facebook. That;s it. That is all that is required to be eligible for our monthly drawings.









Go to our Facebook FAN page and become a FAN for this months drawing next week. More FREE stuff for November.     JO’s ORG. FAN Page