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Senior Matters

Jo and Rose had a recent Interview in Bloomfield Township on “Senior Matters”. A Cable program dealing with everything for the retiree and senior citizen.

Whether it is downsizing their living arrangements, reorganizing a lifestyle or taking advantage of the various discounts available for our Seniors, the Program has interviews with local experts on many different Senior subjects.

JO’s Organizing would like to Thank host, Greg Jamian for inviting us on his Program to discuss important Senior Matters. Check out Greg’s Videos Page in Bloomfield Township here:  SENIOR MATTERS




Don’t Forget Space for those Shoes

Many times while organizing or re-organizing a closet, a large aspect of that closet can get overlooked until it is to late, and there is not enough room left for those SHOES. This is not just a women thing either. My husband is an avid Outdoorsman and has a huge selection of Boots, Hiking shoes and outdoor specialty footwear.

Looking at the best and most space efficient ways to store all these shoes and boots are just as important as making plenty of room for lets say, “Long-hang” garments. So where to begin?


Just a Shoe closet. The Ultimate way to go

We always start out an organizing of a closet with a complete Clean-out of that closet. We like to remove everything in the closet, clean the closet area, sort through what we have that will be returning to the closet, and then begin our designs of how we will return everything to that space in an efficient way, so that it is stored properly, using the least amount of space but still have access to everything there, easily.

For Shoes and Boots there are many options to choose from depending on the design of the closet as a whole. Angled shelving in one way to store them shoes and still see very clearly what is at hand and available.

ShoeBoxStackClear storage boxes is another means at storing those shoes effectively, taking minimal space, keeping the shoes protected from dust and still having easy access to every pair of shoes stored in that closet. These clear storage boxes are replacements for the original shoe boxes the footwear came in. Those original boxes stop us from ever seeing the shoes inside without opening up each box to see. These clear boxes stack very nicely on any shelf or floor.

On an average, women have approximately 30 pairs of shoes and boots to store. Men have normally only 8 pairs. But again, in y particular case, my husband has 14 pairs of outdoor and dress footwear.







The main point here is that Shoes and Boots are usually something most people forget about when organizing their closets. With some 50 pairs of footwear between a couple, this can add up to alot of space needed. If you forget about the Shoes this needed space suddenly turns your well organized closet into a mess.

As always, good advance planning is key. That is why we like to pull everything out of a closet, set up a design for restoring everything and then return it all to that space. Even if you have a Shoe fetish, as I do. 🙂 A well planned out closet can accommodate those 50 pairs of shoes and boots and still allow room for the actual cloths you intended the closet to hold. 🙂

2013 – A GOOD Year Coming

Here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, we have tried very hard to work together as a Team, inside our Company. We meet each week as a Team and make sure all our Customers are being serviced at our highest capabilities.

This also means that we are part of the Community as well. JO’s Organizing belongs to many different Chamber of Commerces, NETWORKING groups, and various Industry Organizations, so that we can remain connected to the latest trends, Rules and Practices.

We will continue to be a Team and part of the local Community, going into 2013. Serving Southeastern Michigan at the best of our abilities will continue to be our goal.


Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah

It is that time again. It all seems to be a big Blur, but after the rushing, the waiting the hectic manuevering, there is that family time. The time when all the pains of the season pay off in wonderful family moments.

It does not matter if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah,or whatever. Take some quality time and spend it with your family, friends and Loved ones. Life is so very short and we never know when that time will be up.

So forget about what is troubling you. Forget about what might be going on in the world, and just turn it all off, hug your best friends and be Happy you have them. A very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and the best of New years to you all.



We made the top five most popular interviews with “ASK NATALIE FIRST”. We did this interview some time ago, and didn’t realize that it ran so well. We are very happy at the results we have received from Natalie’s interview. You can check out her web site and the interview at:   ASK NATALIE FIRST

Our Favorite Closet storage system

We install and design many different types of SCHULTE closet storage systems. We have seen just about every combo and type of wire, wood and metal storage system used. But there is one that stands out for us.

The combination of wire shelving and stacked wire baskets is our personal favorite system. It is our most cost effective and in our opinion the most efficient and effective system.

This type of wire shelf/wire baskets system is very versatile and can be adjusted at anytime, to fit the ever changing needs of a storage closet area. This type of wire system also works great for the home office space storage or just about any use you may have. This IS our favorite system. Did I mention it is our most cost effective as well?


One of the fastest growing trends in business is the Home Office. Many business owners are switching from a leased commercial office space, to their own homes. It can be very efficient, cost savings and a big cut to the business overhead.

The Home Office can be an excellent switch for many business owners. BUT…..not set-up properly, or organized to meet your needs and the differences from a commercial office and now your home office, it can also become a nightmare.

We have put together a TIPS sheet to assist you in making this transition to an effective Home office space. Check out the PDF sheets here:  HOME OFFICE

Horizontal & Vertical Organizing

Everyone reacts and deals with organizing their home and office spaces differently. There is not just one way to keep thing organized. Each of us deal with fin ding things and storing thing away, in different ways.

Some people see things more in a vertical manner. They find it easier to look up, to find what they need. Others scan across an area to find things. No matter what way your brain organizes things, there a few things to keep in mind when organizing your home office or work space.

BIA awards in the News

We made the papers with the recent BIA awards. Read about it at the Link below. What an honor this has been, to be noticed by your peers. We are very grateful for the 2010 award.


BIA Awards Luncheon